Lily Labeau

Available in May for fetish, b/g, g/g, solo


Arabelle Raphael

Available in July for fetish, b/g, g/g, solo

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Kate Kenzi

Available for girl/girl, boy/girl, bj, fetish, solo 





Taurus Angel

Available for girl/girl, boy/girl, bj, fetish, solo


The Fine Ass Print

NEW - I am available behind the camera to direct you custom video starring the women on my co-stars list for and additional fee.

Before you write me please have a general idea for your video. I can help you punch up your idea only after payment is made. 

I DO NOT shoot with fans in custom videos. I produce videos written by my fans. Please keep this in mind when ordering a custom video from me or any other creditable producer. 

I will deliver your video via downloadable link in 1920x1080 HD MP4 format within 4 weeks from the date of production. If you'd prefer a different format please specify in custom video form below. 

Custom videos are non-refundable, I own the rights to the video and the rights to post it on my website platforms at any time. You can purchase an exclusive video "for your eyes only" for an additional fee. 

 Please keep your script/idea simple to stay within my base rates. If your script idea requires multiple set-ups or locations the rate will go up accordingly. 

I love collaborating with my video clients to make their custom video dreams come true! 

View my previously filmed videos here

Kaneclips.com + IWantKimberly.com 

Do I offer anonymous payment options, please inquire in your introductory email. 

Please email directly for questions regarding custom video orders only

Custom Video Client Feedback

"I watched the video twice today and I’m going to watch it again tonight. You did a great job and followed the script exactly. Your body is so smooth and beautiful and it looked like you paid some extra attention to your underarms and that’s just what I wanted." - Cliff 

"The video came out great. Thank you so much! I really did enjoy the acting you too did and the editing was great. Very professional. - Matthew 

"Got it! I loved it! The camera work and angles were spot on.  Thanks! I'm sure I'll be back for another at some point." - Dante 

"Thank you for yet another fantastic and enjoyable custom. I have sent you a Whole Food Market voucher as a thank you."  - Richard

"I was able to watch Alien Probe last night and in a word ... fantastic! Your acting, your attire, the tentacles, were all great. Your creativity as both an actress and a filmmaker is fully evident." - Ewan


*I do not negotiate my rates and I do not read submissions that are not serious custom video inquires

Video Length *
*base rates
*each co-star sets their own rate according to video length and content*
*from date of production not date of purchase
*video for your eyes only, not to be published on my clips studios