I am currently shooting custom videos in October! If you need your fix asap I'm available for solo, fetish and boy/girl custom videos! Rates start at Solo $200, Bj $350, Boy/Girl $600

 NOVEMBER 14-17th, 2017 CO-STARS

"I want you to be a part of my California adventure! Purchase a custom video with myself and one of my beautiful kinky co-stars!" - KIMBERLY KANE
 Casey Calvert - FULLY BOOKED

 Casey Calvert - FULLY BOOKED


Get excited! But before you write me you should have an idea of what you want to see and which co-stars you want in your custom video. I shoot all types of custom videos from tame to down right kinky! But the scripts that I love have elements of these fetishes in them - Femdom, Taboo, Make Me Bi or Forced Bi, Lesbian Domination, Double Bj, Edging, POV & Chastity.   

I DO NOT shoot with fans in custom videos. I produce videos written by fans. Please keep this is mind when ordering a custom video from me or any other creditable producer. 

Rate quotes are non-negotiable. Rates vary with each individual co-star and script concept. Double Bj videos (with Co-Star) start at $750, Girl/Girl videos start at $1,200, Multi-person fetish videos (no sex) start at 15/mins $600. Sorry, No Boy/Girl sex with co-stars.

A deposit is required in advance to book a custom video with one of my co-stars. The deposit is required no later than November 1, 2017. Full payment must be made by November 9, 2017 to secure custom video booking. 

I will deliver your video via downloadable link in 1920x1080 HD MP4 format In 6 weeks from the date of production. Expedited delivery in 3 weeks from the date of production for an additional $100 fee.

If you'd like your name said in the video please specify in your initial email. There is a $50 editing fee. 

Custom videos are non-refundable and I own the rights to the video and the rights to post it on my website platforms at any time. I do shoot exclusive videos but there is a exponential fee. 

If you have preferences on wardrobe, keywords or phrases please let me know prior to making payment. Please keep your script/idea simple to stay within my base rates. If your script idea requires multiple set-ups or locations  the rate will go up accordingly. 

Once we have agreed on your video concept I'll send you discreet payment information. 

I love collaborating with my video clients to make their custom video dreams come true! 

Custom Video Client Feedback

"I watched the video twice today and I’m going to watch it again tonight. You did a great job and followed the script exactly. Your body is so smooth and beautiful and it looked like you paid some extra attention to your underarms and that’s just what I wanted." - Cliff 10/4/17

"The video came out great. Thank you so much! I really did enjoy the acting you too did and the editing was great. Very professional. - Matthew 10/2/17

"Got it! I loved it! The camera work and angles were spot on.  Thanks! I'm sure I'll be back for another at some point." - Dante 9/17/17

"Thank you for yet another fantastic and enjoyable custom. I have sent you a Whole Food Market voucher as a thank you."  - Richard, 2017

"I was able to watch Alien Probe last night and in a word ... fantastic! Your acting, your attire, the tentacles, were all great. Your creativity as both an actress and a filmmaker is fully evident." - Ewan, 2017



 I respect your privacy and will not share your information. 

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